Uk Gpa Agreement

Apr 13, 2021

The real problem should arise when the transition period (which the UK government does not intend to renew) ends at the end of 2020. On that date, the transition period solution will cease to apply and the difficulty of defining the rights and obligations arising from these agreements will be obvious. Under the decision, the UK falls under the GPA as an EU member state until the date of its withdrawal from the EU or, if the EU and the UK enter into an agreement providing for a transitional period during which EU law would apply to the UK and UK until the expiry of this transitional period. The UK`s accession to the GPA will come into force 30 days after the UK government presents the acceptance instrument. It can do so no earlier than 30 days before the day it is no longer a member of the European Union and within six months of the date of the decision. The UK`s withdrawal from the EU poses a number of unprecedented problems for international agreements in which the EU participates, whether with its Member States alone or even where it is not a party, but whose members act on behalf of the EU. Do the rights and obligations arising from these agreements continue to apply to the United Kingdom and its territory and, if so, who enjoys or assumes them and under what conditions? The parties welcomed the opportunity for their suppliers to continue to enjoy the same access to the UK public procurement market. They reaffirmed their strong desire to see the UK participate smoothly in the agreement, even after Brexit. They stressed that it was very important for the agreement to keep the United Kingdom in the GPA, either through the UK`s own accession to the agreement or through an interim agreement. I would like to inform Parliament of the progress made towards ensuring that the UK continues to participate in the WTO Public Procurement Agreement (GPA) leaving the EU. Yesterday (27 February 2019), the 19 parties to the GPA formally adopted in Geneva the decision to join the agreement as an autonomous party. The GPA committee`s decision on UK membership concerns both the scenario in which the UK and the EU reach an agreement on the terms of the UK`s withdrawal and a scenario in which the UK leaves the EU without a deal. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the UK will ratify the agreement as soon as possible, as soon as the process described in Section 20 of the CRaG Act 2010 is completed.

This will ensure that our membership of the GPA – an agreement worth $1.3 trillion per year – will continue, as is currently the case in a non-agreement scenario.